Reports from the German publication Autobild suggest that Audi are one step closer in announcing their new car. The publication argues that the new car will be able to bridge the gap between the TT and the R8 cars. Beginning at the 2010 Paris motor show, the rumours have been circulating for a large period of time now.


Although there have been no exact technical details released by Audi, many believe this car to be based on the next-generation Porsche Boxster. But, this is where the rumours split in two different directions as many believe that the new Audi will be a rebadged version of the Porsche car or, the two companies will work together much like Suzuki and Vauxhall did with the Splash and the Agila.

There is a lot of course that we don’t know and we will not know for a very long time but, some more reasonable rumours that are circulating are in regards too the vehicles name. The name that will apparently be given to it, is the Audi R6. By naming it this, its position in the Audi hierarchy will be confirmed.  It will be better than the R4 and R5 but, not as good as the R8. Although, Autobild have argued that there is a code name which has been given to a car that is in Audi’s production line. Called the PO455, this is the very little piece of information that we know about a car that is being produced but, if it’s a mid-engined sports car they are building or not, we don’t know.

There is however plenty of scepticism surrounding this project that may or may not be occurring with Audi. Many sources argue that the car is just not feasible to produce this year at all. This is because of the impeding financial difficulty that the Volkswagen Group will be facing as a result of the recent emissions scandal. If Audi’s parent group doesn’t have the funds to support such a project then will it go ahead or not?


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