Has Audi TT RS sold out already?

For all the fans of the Audi TT RS with pockets deep enough to come up with the £51,800 necessary to buy it, those who’ve not yet parted with the cash may already be too late. And even if you can get your hands on one that’s not yet been sold, it’s likely you’ll be(…)

Orders start for the Audi TT RS

The order books for the new TT RS will open later this month, giving customers the opportunity to purchase the most powerful TT so far released. The new version will come in either Coupe or Roadster body-styles, both promising extraordinary pace. Prices will commence at £51,800. The new TT RD was debuted at motoring events(…)

The TT RS adds another Audi to the AUTOMOBILE awards

The Audi TT RS has followed suit of the Audi A7 by winning an award from the American magazine and website AUTOMOBILE. The car will be presented with the AUTOMOBILE 2012 All-Star award. It’s a wholly prestigious award which requires plenty of car’s to contain attributes of the highest level. The President of Audi, Johan(…)