Audi use toy car to train autonomous driving software

As autonomous driving technology draws ever nearer to becoming a practical reality, the necessity to test each development as it nears completion, becomes more important. Audi are one of the many automakers currently embroiled intensively in driverless car research. They believe the next step will be machine learning-powered driver assist features that can function in(…)

Audi’s Top Tech Sliding Down

Audi are well known as one of the automotive companies who attempt to be at the forefront of new technologies. When new technologies are introduced, the flagship cars always benefit first before the technology seeps down to the models below it. It has been reported that some of Audi’s best technology will soon start featuring(…)

10 Years Since Audi Changed Le Mans

The 24 hours of Le Mans is one of the most difficult races that car companies can compete in. As a 24 hour long endurance race, there are limited fuel top ups and other changes, so the race has to be planned with absolute precision. This year’s Le Mans is extremely special for many motoring(…)

Audi Really Are the Jack of All Trades

The German luxury automotive company have been experimenting with a new feature that may just be one of the last mysteries left to conquer in the autonomous driving world. Codenamed Jack, this concept which has been tested on an A7 platform, is the most harmonious autonomous vehicle to date. The concept has just recently been(…)

Audi Have New Air Filters

In the fight to keep people safe from dangerous emissions and allergens, Audi have taken the next step in ensuring that the driver and those in the cabin are safe from the fumes of the road. It may not seem like a huge achievement for the German based luxury company but, they may have finally(…)

Australia’s Audi A3

In the motoring world, it is sometimes necessary to look into other countries markets in order to guess what will happen next in the UK. For example, we have used the American Ford Fusion in order to get more information on the Ford Mondeo. This time round, we are going to look at Australia’s facelifted(…)