Audi’s Top Tech Sliding Down

Audi are well known as one of the automotive companies who attempt to be at the forefront of new technologies. When new technologies are introduced, the flagship cars always benefit first before the technology seeps down to the models below it. It has been reported that some of Audi’s best technology will soon start featuring(…)

What Will Be So Special About the Audi SQ7?

The Q7 is Audi’s range of crossover SUV’s and they are proving to be extremely popular in multiple markets at this moment in time. The Q7 series have been available to purchase since 2005 and just last year, the Q7 underwent its biggest change as the second generation was unveiled. So, just a year later(…)

Audi’s SQ7 Electric Technology

The rise of the electric vehicle and automotive technology has been unparalleled as companies compete to have the longest range, the most power and the least emissions possible. So with new technologies being consistently released, what have Audi released as the most recent piece of innovative electric technology? Well, the answer to this question is(…)