Self Driving

New Audi A8 allows driver to take hands off wheel

  Of course, as we all know, most owners of luxury cars will most likely be able to relax in the back whilst their chauffeur does the driving. But the new A8, set to be unveiled mid 2017, will partially dispense with the need for a driver altogether. Well, not really. But the latest version(…)

T-Rex loves Audi’s self driving car

In Audi’s latest online spot, aimed at promoting the company’s forthcoming driverless cars, a depressed T-Rex rediscovers his zeal. The adverts, geared towards making the technology seem relevant to real people, have been created by Razorfish and directed by Stink’s Stephen Wever. They show the once ferocious dinosaur trying to make sense of the modern(…)

The self-driving Audi TT reaches 120 MPH

A self driving Audi TT has hit speeds of 120 MPH. Scientists at Stanford University have in charge of development with the car reaching it’s feat on the Thunderhill Raceway in Sacramento California. The vehicle which had no driver whatsoever was put through it’s paces around a three mile course. It took just two and a(…)