Audi recalls Q7 following seats that move during collisions

In the US, Audi has started recalling its 2017 Q7 crossover after instances of the car seats ‘moving’ during collisions were reported. Should a vehicle impact with another object, its ultimate design goal is to prevent the human occupant from moving as much as possible. When seats – the occupants most fundamental protector during a(…)

Audi May Sales

At the beginning of a new month, it is always interesting to see how well companies have performed in the previous month. And with Audi, there is added interest because of the links to the Volkswagen group and the scandal which has plagued them since September 2015. Yet Audi have put in an excellent sales(…)

What Will Be So Special About the Audi SQ7?

The Q7 is Audi’s range of crossover SUV’s and they are proving to be extremely popular in multiple markets at this moment in time. The Q7 series have been available to purchase since 2005 and just last year, the Q7 underwent its biggest change as the second generation was unveiled. So, just a year later(…)