Audi is Putting it’s Sports Gear on Early

The three major luxury German automotive companies have a specific way of marketing their vehicles at the moment. If you haven’t noticed, they release a car and then a year later, the upgraded high performance one is released. This allows for the company to sell to two very specific markets and make a lot of(…)

Audi Already Looking at Speed

There is no doubt that vehicles are being designed to go quicker and consumers love the bigger and better powertrains which these vehicles’ upgrades are being equipped with. The biggest and best luxury companies, especially the German outfits, are extremely good in this engineering and sales department. For example, Mercedes have their AMG subdivision, BMW(…)

The SUV is Getting Smaller and Smaller

The SUV is hugely popular at this moment in time, but even more popular than that, is the compact and/or crossover SUV. They seem to be dominating many markets including Europe, India and China and their sales do not look like stopping. Therefore, companies are consistently updating and creating new crossover SUV’s to keep on(…)

Brighter is better for new range of Audi SUV

Somewhere over the rainbow… there’s a munchkin driving one of Audi’s new bright and bold SUVs. To attract a younger market, Audi have decided to start painting with every colour in their pencil case, proving that you can make people buy anything if you make it pretty enough. The Q2, Audi’s newest SUV, had its(…)