Audi 2017 RS5 super-coupe tested with production body

Ahead of a predicted launch in 2017, the next-generation Audi RS5 super-coupe has been spied during testing. The car being put through its paces is the first test edition seen to feature production bodywork which suggests that the new super-coupe is in the final stages of development. The previous test edition borrowed the bodywork of(…)

Audi Resumes Production

We recently reported that there were huge floods in the South Western German state of Baden-Württemberg as a result of the storms which travelled across Europe over the May bank holiday weekend. A result of the storms and the floods occurring was the halting of production in Audi’s second largest production plant which employs 16,000(…)

Audi Halts Production in German Factory

The May bank holiday weekend showed us huge weather differences across Europe. Some of us enjoyed the sun in vast amounts, whereas others had to suffer through huge storms which caused havoc to daily life. In central Europe the storms occurred, and on the first Tuesday back after the bank holiday, we are feeling them(…)