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Audi Really Are the Jack of All Trades

The German luxury automotive company have been experimenting with a new feature that may just be one of the last mysteries left to conquer in the autonomous driving world. Codenamed Jack, this concept which has been tested on an A7 platform, is the most harmonious autonomous vehicle to date. The concept has just recently been(…)

Audi Have New Air Filters

In the fight to keep people safe from dangerous emissions and allergens, Audi have taken the next step in ensuring that the driver and those in the cabin are safe from the fumes of the road. It may not seem like a huge achievement for the German based luxury company but, they may have finally(…)

Audi in Trouble in South Korea

The emissions scandal is getting rather boring now. We keep talking about it, the motoring world keeps talking about it and yet the big automotive companies still keep doing it or at least new information keeps arising. The biggest news concerning the scandal was of course Volkswagen and the Volkswagen group. Then more recently Mitsubishi(…)

A Look at Audi’s 2018 A8

The Audi A8 has undergone a complete revamping just before its release in 2017. The new 2018 A8 is, as Audi have been doing, propelling the company into the future with new technologies, technical abilities and design features. Depending on the reception of the A8, the vehicle may be the one to completely alter Audi’s(…)

Audi in the Music Industry?

Audi in the music industry? We can only assume that you wouldn’t have believed that it would, and actually has occurred. We are aware that many motoring companies have branched out and have been instrumental in other industries. For example, Mercedes have branched into the nautical industry, Ford in the synthetics industry and BMW into(…)