Audi Sales

Audi sales keep accelerating in the US

Every family has the one, breakout shining star, unless you are a Kardashian who are less of a family and more of a mass production unit for celebrities. For the VW Group, their star is Audi. Automobile sales figures for February have revealed that for the fourth month in a row Volkswagen sales have plummeted(…)

Audi loses out to BMW

BMW have managed to beat Audi’s sales in the first quarter of 2012. Audi remain the fastest growing luxury brand but were still unable match BMW so far this year. How all three lined up This year’s success was mainly down to the new redesigned BMW 3 Series, the companies all time top seller. It(…)

Audi’s sales grow throughout the world in February – part 2

Audi A6L The Audi A6L is a comfortable market leader in China within its particular category. Sales managed to increase by 25 per cent in February. A newer model is expected to be released in April of this year, which will naturally increase sales this year. Audi A8L The newest generation of the Audi A8L(…)

Audi sales increase

Audi sales have jumped according to official statistics. Year on year in October, sales worldwide were said to have increased by 24% which meant 108,500 cars were sold. From January to September, the company has sold 1.08 million cars which represent an 18% increase. Demand in China, America as well here in the U.K has(…)

Audi sales continue to jump

Audi sales are on their way to hitting 1.3 million for 2011 after a very satisfying October for the company. This is a remarkable achievement for the German luxury car producer. Down in Western Europe Audi’s markets worldwide performed very well apart from those in Western Europe. The euro zone debt crisis is appearing to(…)

Audi to beat sales targets

Audi announced earlier this month that they expect to sell more cars than originally targeted.  Audi car sales this year had a target of 1.2 million this year, with that figure set to be beaten. “Easily done” The German giants are so confident of achieving that goal that they even said that sales will “easily”(…)

Audi car sales rise by 17% worldwide

Sales for luxury car manufacturer Audi have increased worldwide by 17%, to 94,100 year-on-year. Demand has risen recently and Audi seem to be making great steps towards improvement. The news released today about Audi’s car sales will be very encouraging not only to the company but to automotive industry in general. Statistics table showing Audi(…)