Audi news

Audi at the Los Angeles Motor Show

Audi made a huge impact with diesel models at the Los Angles Motor Show. American motorists are becoming more and more conscious of the prices of fuel. New car buyers are looking for fuel efficient models and the diesel market is starting to progress in the United States, a long time overdue in our opinion.(…)

Audi to offer winter tyres

The summer may not be over just yet, but Audi are preparing for the colder weather in weeks to come. They are set to offer a winter tyres package as part of their car deals. The packages will be included throughout their range of cars. There won’t be a need for new wheels to be(…)

Audi car sales rise by 17% worldwide

Sales for luxury car manufacturer Audi have increased worldwide by 17%, to 94,100 year-on-year. Demand has risen recently and Audi seem to be making great steps towards improvement. The news released today about Audi’s car sales will be very encouraging not only to the company but to automotive industry in general. Statistics table showing Audi(…)