Audi China

Is Audi too powerful in China?

There are reports emerging from the Chinese automotive industry that the Government are to stop buying Audi vehicles. At present Audi dominate the luxury car market, with the Government being one of their main customers. It is estimated that this particular section of the market is worth $13 billion. As reported by us earlier this(…)

Audi to thank China a million (over 3 years)

Audi is planning to sell 1 million cars over 3 years in China. The countries current largest luxury car supplier appears not be worried at a potential slowdown with the world’s largest automotive market. Rivalry They will have to fend off their German counterparts, BMW and Mercedes-Benz. Both of which have performed very well in(…)

Audi to increase their Chinese production

Audi, the number one luxury car manufacturer in China are planning to double their production in the country. Reports throughout the automotive industry suggest that Audi are planning to double their production. This would equate to a tremendous 700,000 cars per year. FAW and Audi making a huge investment Volkswagen and FAW, the company’s Chinese(…)