Audi keeps missing chances to surpass Tesla

Undeniably the new Audi A8 is an incredible car. Technically immaculate whilst effortlessly stylish. And yet, in some ways it feels like a missed opportunity. Yes, we know…There’s no pleasing some people is there? But that view is not just the opinion of a gaggle of overly-critical automotive journalists; there are many insiders at Audi(…)

New Audi A8 to feature Radioplayer’s ‘smart radio’

A “smart radio” is being developed for connected cars by Radioplayer, the online joint radio industry initiative. Audi is the first major car maker to sign up to the scheme and plans to use them in the forthcoming A8 model. The “hybrid” systems will be able to access traditional radio stations as well as streaming(…)

New Audi A8 allows driver to take hands off wheel

  Of course, as we all know, most owners of luxury cars will most likely be able to relax in the back whilst their chauffeur does the driving. But the new A8, set to be unveiled mid 2017, will partially dispense with the need for a driver altogether. Well, not really. But the latest version(…)

Dynamic overhaul for next-generation Audi models

From next year, the ride and handling characteristics of each new generation of Audi are to be redefined, starting with the company’s fleet leader – the A8. It’s thought that the engineers’ remit involves maintaining the current models’ sporty reputation whilst giving them a wider range of dynamic attributes. This will include developing more a(…)

A Look at Audi’s 2018 A8

The Audi A8 has undergone a complete revamping just before its release in 2017. The new 2018 A8 is, as Audi have been doing, propelling the company into the future with new technologies, technical abilities and design features. Depending on the reception of the A8, the vehicle may be the one to completely alter Audi’s(…)