A look back at the Audi A4, S4, B6 (2001 – 2005)

There’s no denying the B6 generation oozed class. Taking a design nod from the 1990s A6, albeit smaller, not only did it deliver on the looks, it handled superbly and had an excellent line-up of engines. This was the car Audi could use to compete effectively with the BMW 3-Series and the Mercedes C-class. In(…)

Audi celebrate 69th straight record sales month thanks to A4

For the 69th consecutive month, Audi topped the sales charts with the help of the A4. In a reversal of recent sales trends, the luxury sedan soared despite crossover sales faring badly. During September, A4 sales were 43 percent higher than their 2015 levels. It was the A4’s best September since 2013. Last month’s figures(…)

Father punishes daughter by trashing £10,000 Audi with a digger

It’s a novel way of teaching your daughter a lesson, but Mike Card decided the best way to punish his daughter after he’d caught her with “someone in the car that shouldn’t have been” was to use his digger to crush her £10,000 Audi A4. In a viral clip that has spread like wildfire, Mr(…)

Audi May Sales

At the beginning of a new month, it is always interesting to see how well companies have performed in the previous month. And with Audi, there is added interest because of the links to the Volkswagen group and the scandal which has plagued them since September 2015. Yet Audi have put in an excellent sales(…)

Audi Goes Up in Flames

Here’s a short but not so sweet story about an Audi very recently. It was reported that an Audi A4, driven on the Mangolpuri Flyover in North-West Delhi late on Friday night, at a decent speed, almost suddenly burst in to flames which resulted in the vehicle basically becoming a pile of ash. A 32(…)

Audi Wins Another Safety Award

Safety is of course paramount in the car world. With a high amount of crashes, injuries and fatalities, many consumers wanting to buy a new car will look for, and make a decision based upon its safety features. Therefore, many companies look to make their vehicles as safe as possible and when they are not,(…)

Audi in the Music Industry?

Audi in the music industry? We can only assume that you wouldn’t have believed that it would, and actually has occurred. We are aware that many motoring companies have branched out and have been instrumental in other industries. For example, Mercedes have branched into the nautical industry, Ford in the synthetics industry and BMW into(…)

Preview of the 2017 Audi A4

The 2017 version of the Audi A4 is expected to be a big hit. Over the years, the car has defined itself as a leading sedan and regularly competes with the likes of BMW’s 3 Series and the recedes C-Class. So, the A4 therefore needs no introduction, but how are Audi going to better their(…)

Revealed: spy shots of the new Audi RS4

Oh Audi, you’re not fooling anybody with that S4 badge. The German carmakers have been caught out this week by the eagle-eyed spotters of the Internet.  You may glance at the photo and think oh, the S4 out for a drive. But you’d be wrong. Those extended wheelarches tell us that this is in fact,(…)