Audi to release further Black Edition trim across range

Audi is to release a new exclusive Black Edition trim to much of its current fleet. Models set to feature the new look include the A3, TT, S6 and S7. This follows the release of a preliminary top-of-the-range Black edition Audi A3 crossover. Due to its popularity, Audi have taken the decision to roll the(…)

Audi A3 wins best in-car connectivity 2016

One of the things Audi’s latest premium hatchbacks do, which set them apart from the competition, is – offer the same features across the whole range, not just with the top end models. On the surface, this seems unorthodox as most car makers charge a good deal extra for the add-ons. But Audi A3 users(…)

The Audi A3 Facelift

That is correct, you read it right, the Audi A3 is getting a facelift, but for those who just got a little excited, we have to mention that this particular facelift for the A3 will only occur in India. There is good reason for this though. The Indian car market is growing at a rapid(…)

2017 Audi A3 Preview…

The Audi A3 is no longer the laughable little child in Audi’s growing collection of vehicles. The once poorly selling vehicle is now one of the luxury German company’s main vehicles in their quest to be the top selling luxury performance automotive company. The 2017 A3 for a variety of reasons will certainly help Audi(…)

The Audi Q2 Test

The release of the Audi Q2 will be upon us sooner rather than later as the countdown to the winter begins (sorry). So, this winter will see the release of the Audi Q2. All vehicles are tested by motoring journalists from all over the world, and then written about in order to create a buzz(…)

The SUV is Getting Smaller and Smaller

The SUV is hugely popular at this moment in time, but even more popular than that, is the compact and/or crossover SUV. They seem to be dominating many markets including Europe, India and China and their sales do not look like stopping. Therefore, companies are consistently updating and creating new crossover SUV’s to keep on(…)

The new Audi A3 Saloon

The new Audi A3 has been made into a saloon for the first time in it’s history. The four door vehicle looks like a typical A4. Will it appeal to the UK market? The price of the new saloon has not yet been revealed. They are likely to be the same price as the A3(…)