Grandfather drives Audi into 12,000 litres of Coke

Okay, this is a strange one. There’s no way to explain it, so we’ll just say it: In weirder news this week, a 73 year old Grandpa achieved one of his life’s ambitions by driving an Audi at speed into a large hole he dug and then filled with 12,000 litres of cola. The car(…)

Car enthusiast finds his classic car on EBAY, 30 years after he sold it

30 years after he sold it – because he couldn’t afford the insurance – a car enthusiast has bought his beloved Audi back again, after he found it being advertised on Ebay. Recognising a tell-tale dent in the bonnet, Keith Harris spotted the 1983 Audi GT Coupe Fuel Injection that he parted with in the(…)

Ten fun facts about Audi

You see them on the roads in their thousands every day, but there’s a lot more to Audi than meets the eye. Here are ten facts about the German carmaker you probably didn’t know: The Audi Company is made up of four separate car companies. Each of the rings in the iconic four-ringed logo represents(…)

Audi Teasing the World with GIF’s

GIF’s for a long time now have been equated with comedy, especially in many internet forums. For those who haven’t seen them before, or have never heard of them, a GIF stands for Graphics Interchangeable Format. Basically put, a GIF is a simple animation. So what has Audi got to do with GIF’s? That question(…)

Audi’s SQ7 Electric Technology

The rise of the electric vehicle and automotive technology has been unparalleled as companies compete to have the longest range, the most power and the least emissions possible. So with new technologies being consistently released, what have Audi released as the most recent piece of innovative electric technology? Well, the answer to this question is(…)

Audi is the ‘Most Innovative Premium Brand’

In the most recent motoring awards ceremony, it was Audi who picked up the prestigious ‘Most Innovative Premium Brand’ award. The Centre of Automotive Management (CAM) has just completed its fifth awards ceremony and this time, it was Audi who pinched one of the most coveted awards available. The awards ceremony has 1,400 innovative entries(…)

The Audi A5 Will Soon Be Upon Us…

Audi have just released a statement stating that the much expected A5 will be unveiled to the general public at their headquarters early this summer. The current A5 is now nearly nine years old and although it is a beautiful car, it is starting to age quite rapidly. Therefore, the German manufacturer has produced the(…)

Audi are Financially All Over the Place…

Audi are financially all over the place at the moment and to some, it can be very confusing. Servicing Stop is therefore going to attempt to take you through the financial world of Audi and of course, Volkswagen, as Audis parent company, will have to be involved at some point too. The major factor that(…)

It Was Audi Who Created the Emissions Software

Each week seems to bring more and more reports concerning the Volkswagen emissions scandal and this week doesn’t seem to buck the trend. The new information concerning the scandal this time round concerns the German outfit Audi. The German news outlet Handelsblatt, have reported that Audi were the company that created the emissions cheating software(…)

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