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Servicing Stop winter tyre tips

At the risk of stating the obvious, research has revealed that you are six times more likely to have an accident during the winter months than over the summer. Harsh weather conditions and lack of light major contributory factors for the statistic. A study by Continental Tyres back in 2010 revealed that during the big(…)

Winter is over – Time to spring clean your Audi!

Giving your Audi the spring clean it deserves takes more than a bucket of soapy water and a sponge. So, how can you go the extra miles and have your car looking like it’s just rolled out of the showroom? Here are a few tips: Don’t clean in extreme heat or direct sunlight. In fairness,(…)

10 top tips on how to maximise fuel efficiency for your Audi

As a Audi driver, there may not be an awful lot you can do to influence the cost of fuel, but it is possible to drive in a more fuel efficient manner. Here are a few tips to help you save money on your weekly fuel bill. Drive smoothly. Research shows that heavy acceleration, abrupt(…)

Audi recalls Q7 following seats that move during collisions

In the US, Audi has started recalling its 2017 Q7 crossover after instances of the car seats ‘moving’ during collisions were reported. Should a vehicle impact with another object, its ultimate design goal is to prevent the human occupant from moving as much as possible. When seats – the occupants most fundamental protector during a(…)

The Audi RS7 Sportback

First Audi showcased the new A7 and S7 model, now 18 months after the Detriot Motor Show, Audi have now shown off the production version of the RS7, the highest level vehicle in the category. The changes aren’t too obvious. You’ll have to have a close inspection to notice them. The singleframe honeycomb front grille(…)

No signs of a slowdown for Audi India

Audi India is showing no signs of their sales slowing down. They are the fastest growing car manufacturer in the country and are hot on the heels of the country’s number one automaker, BMW. A recent interview with Michael Perschke, the Head of Audi India gave a wonderful insight into the company’s belief and confidence(…)

Audi’s controversy in China

Audi have instructed that an anti Japan banner at one of their dealerships in China would be taken down. A photograph of the sign outside the dealership went viral. The banner called for the murder of Japanese people. Clearly strong action needed to be taken. Currently there is an ownership dispute between China and Japan(…)

Audi looking forward to Japan

Audi are taking part in an endurance race based in Japan for the first time. Audi have won a total of 5 races so far this season in the FIA World Endurance Championship. The Fuji Circuit in Tokyo is a very challenging circuit. Japan could be the place where the title is decided.  The Le(…)

The 2013 Lamborghini Aventador to be more fuel efficient

The Lamborghini Aventador is all about power, looks and high performance. But now Lamborghini are focusing on making the car more fuel efficient by adding start stop technology to the LP700-4. Now the LP700-4 will be 20 per cent better off in terms of fuel efficiency. The current model is capable of producing a fantastic(…)

Are Audi and the rest not enjoying the Paris Motor Show?

Despite the Paris Motor Show being one of the most high profile motor events of the year, it would appear that Audi along with other luxury brands are suffering from the gloom of the event. The European car industry is in dire need of help and Audi along with other luxury brands have found themselves(…)

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