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Audi £120,000 supercar totalled after driver crashes during ‘race off’

Whoops… It’s a funny thing – schadenfreude, but you can’t help smiling when you hear about the owner of the £120,000 Audi supercar who totalled his pride and joy after accidentally accelerating out of a roundabout during a ‘race off’ with another car. The ludicrously hi-performance car is capable of speeds of up to 197mph,(…)

Audi RS model range set to double by 2018

Audi Sport – the main rival to AMG’s performance brand – is expected to double the amount of RS performance vehicles within its range over the course of the next year and a half, says the division’s new chief, Stephan Winkelmann. There are presently seven models within the RS line-up, including the R8 and both(…)

Audi R8 takes lasers to the US

Over here and in Europe, the R8 has had the benefit of laser headlights for some time now, but Audi has only just started fitting them to its US editions. To mark the occasion, they have released the quite stupendous car you see above. This is the R8 V10 plus exclusive edition; it’s an impressive(…)

Audi advert does not condone dangerous driving – says ASA

The market they’re targeting are petrol-heads, with a thirst for speed, loud raucous exhausts and flashy styling. Not the sort of demographic that drive sedately from place to place, with Classic FM piping from the stereo. Problem is, around the world, there are very few advertising standards authorities that allow adverts to appear to encourage(…)

Is the Audi S8 Plus the Car of Cars?

The motoring world knows all about the Audi R8. The R8 is the supercar which has been turning heads since it was first released. The motoring world also knows all about the A8, which stands as Audi’s flagship saloon car. With all of these vehicles that perform so well, what is the Audi S8 Plus,(…)

Audi’s supercar just got a bit more super

Fast, not furious; the new Audi R8 V10 Plus proves it has a need for some serious speed. The new incarnation of Audi’s R8 is the fastest production Audi ever, and most of the credit should goes to Audi’s Le Mans racing programme as it turns out that this road ready version has adopted nearly(…)

Check out Iron Man’s Audi!

The Iron Man film series has been a tremendous success since 2008. Some would claim that Tony Stark’s Audi R8 in the film contributed towards it’s success. What the Audi R8 e-tron is actually like The Audi R8 e-tron will be the car of choice for Tony Stark in the upcoming film. The e-tron will(…)

Two different sports cars from either end of the scale

Audi have many stylish and powerful in their line-up. We discuss two sports cars in particular, from either end of a budget, the TT and the R8. Although one may be considerably cheaper than the other, you will need to spend a lot, according to most people’s estimates. The TT range from £25,320 to £47,820(…)

Audi R8 Servicing

Audi came up with an engineering masterpiece when they developed the R8. From when you set eyes on the car until the engine is fired up, you’ll get the impression that the car is flawless. The car gets attention no matter where it may be. The design and style is very unique and sporty with(…)