A large step forward was taken, when in 1986, the Audi 80 and its five cylinder off-shoot – the 90, hit our roads. Given premium prices, the interiors were exclusively made, and the style and detail incorporated oozed quality. From the mid-80’s onwards, aerodynamics was given special attention at Audi, and this was reflected by the design of the car.

The smart and refined styling may have been unbelievably sophisticated for the time, but if truth be told, it also lacked character. Premium prices for all models – especially the 90 – were high in ambition, too high – especially when considering the under-nourished suspension and strangely shaped boot. However, Audi continued to develop the 80 and 90 throughout their lives, adding Quattro and Sport editions that added appeal.

Even today, the 80 still isn’t as popular as one might expect – ironically because it looks so modern. As the number still available becomes fewer and fewer, demand amongst collectors is sure to surge.

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