There have been recent spy shots released of what is believed to be the second generation Audi Q3. So, after these pictures have been released, what should we really expect from the new addition to the compact crossover SUV series?

Well because it is only spy shots that have been shown to the motoring world at this moment in time, there can only be rough guesses of what the car will actually be like. Both the spy wrap and the brown cover that has been seen over the Q3 have done quite a good job at disguising what is underneath. But, we know that the vehicle will follow the rough design package that the rest of the series sports. The clamshell tailgate design will most certainly be a feature as it is on every Audi crossover bar the Q2.


The Q3 looks as if it will keep the same grille as before but what is most noticeable is the vehicles size. The Q3 will be lower than the previous model but will also be slightly bigger. This allows for a bigger difference between it and the Q2. There will be a bigger boot which the compact crossover SUV market is screaming for especially in India and China. It has been argued that this new design will change the boots capacity from 356 litres to around 400 litres. The compact crossover will also show off a sporty roof spoiler and bigger alloy wheels.

For the technical statistics, very little is known at the moment. The vehicle will probably be supported by Volkswagen’s MQB platform as most Audi models now are. It may also feature, or at least be influenced by, the Audi e-tron Quattro concept. If that is true than expect an array of technology including 4G LTE support, full LED headlamps and multiple driving assist features.

The next generation Audi Q3 will be an excellent vehicle and we are very excited for it to be unveiled to us by Audi in either 2017 or 2018. It’s a long time away but, we will keep you updated, if we remember…