Audi-Goes-Up-in-FlamesHere’s a short but not so sweet story about an Audi very recently.

It was reported that an Audi A4, driven on the Mangolpuri Flyover in North-West Delhi late on Friday night, at a decent speed, almost suddenly burst in to flames which resulted in the vehicle basically becoming a pile of ash.

A 32 year old business man was behind the wheel of the vehicle as he realised that there was smoke coming from his bonnet. He then reduced his speed and pulled over to investigate. As soon as the bonnet was lifted then flames became apparent and in a matter of minutes, the vehicle was in ashes. This accident happened so quickly that the local fire fighters didn’t even have time to attend to the fire before the Audi A4 was reduced to ash.

The owner of the vehicle stated that he had had a car service in January of the same year and the car had been playing up ever since. We are glad that the A4 owner is safe but our only advice is to get a service through Servicing Stop to ensure that your car is serviced correctly.