Blog 3

It’s good to set the bar high.

German car giant Audi has certainly done this by announcing it plans to shift around 800,000 battery-electric and hybrid powered cars in 2025. The sales drive is expected to generate an operating profit of 1 billion euros.

25 new electric vehicles, developed in conjunction with parent company Volkswagen, are set to be released over the next few years, giving consumers a diverse choice of electric vehicles to choose between.

At present, the car maker offers just three plug-in hybrid vehicles, but in August the company’s first serial all-electric model, the e-tron SUV, will hit showrooms. SUVs are Audi’s most profitable mode of vehicle, hence the decision to use the format for the firm’s pioneering EV.

Audi’s confident sales predictions are further indication that the tipping point from diesel and petrol vehicles, to electric and hybrid is getting ever closer.

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