Audi-recalls-Q7-following-seats-that-move-during-collisionsIn the US, Audi has started recalling its 2017 Q7 crossover after instances of the car seats ‘moving’ during collisions were reported.

Should a vehicle impact with another object, its ultimate design goal is to prevent the human occupant from moving as much as possible. When seats – the occupants most fundamental protector during a crash – begin to shift in collisions, it’s reasonable to suggest that the vehicle has failed.

Audi has issued a recall order for 19,205 Q7s after it was discovered that the third passenger seat back shifted forwards during a frontal impact. A seat back moving under load violates a US Federal Motor Vehicle Safety Standard law.

It’s not as if Audi had much choice in the matter, a case in which seats move necessitate a mandatory recall. In theory, a fix should be relativerly simple. The fitting of a additional support bracket should resolve the problem. Audi have scheduled the recall to begin next month, with owners being notified directly by the car maker.

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