Audi-celebrate-69th-straight-record-sales-month-thanks-to-A4For the 69th consecutive month, Audi topped the sales charts with the help of the A4. In a reversal of recent sales trends, the luxury sedan soared despite crossover sales faring badly.

During September, A4 sales were 43 percent higher than their 2015 levels. It was the A4’s best September since 2013. Last month’s figures – 3,175 – more than an offset sales drop on the brand’s other sedans.

The usually popular Q5 had a rare sales lapse. In total, the increased A4 volume helped boost Audi’s sales numbers by 1.6%. The car maker’s total sales for September were a whopping 17,617 vehicles.

From January to September this year, A4 sales were up by 15%, despite overall sales of compact luxury cars being down by 15% i figures released by the Automotive Data Centre.

This has been par for the course for all car manufacturers this year as crossovers overtook medium sized and luxury sedans for top billing on the sales charts.

Interestingly, four model years ago, there was barely a crossover on the market. 2016 sees them established as the leading market niche.

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