Woman-gets-nasty-surprise-after-leaving-Audi-at-Bristol-airport-car-park-for-three-daysWhen you leave your Audi parked at an airport car park whilst you go off on your holidays, your biggest concern is probably a hope that not too many birds decide to leave their business on it, or that no motorists bump into it whilst negotiating themselves into the space next to yours. When dentist Lenka Zajickova, left her 2003 plate Audi A3 at Bristol airport, she didn’t have too many worries as she jetted off for three days. If only she had known…

After a brief sojourn away, Lenka returned to find her car unrecognisable from the one she had deposited there only 72 hours previously. The front was crumpled, both airbags had been deployed, and there was blood sprayed over both front seats. The damage was so bad, the car has since been written off.

At first, Mrs Zajickova thought she had been the victim of an elaborate practical joke. According to the car park operators of The Forge car park, at the Bungalow Inn, New Road, Redhill, the car had been hit by an uninsured driver while it was being moved from one part of the car park to another.

Mrs Zajickova said: “I caught the shuttle bus back from the terminal back to the car park to get my car.

“They said the car had been in an accident. They then took me into the field and I saw my car. I could not believe it and I thought they were joking.”

Her insurance company refused to help, as Mrs Zajickova had not been involved in the accident herself.

The company that runs the car park, Foxford Leisure Ltd, has offered her a replacement car but Mrs Zajickova says she instead wants to make an insurance claim against the company instead as she did not know anything about the condition and history of the car they were offering.

“I have also had the costs of renting a car, the new car insurance and tax, purchasing a new car and the cost of all the phone calls,” she said.

“I have had to take time off work due to the distress and so far this has all cost me around £4,500.

“I was not involved in the accident and do not see why I should have to claim on my own insurance.

“None of this has been my fault.”

Greg Wedlake, a director of Foxford Leisure, said the company had worked hard to help Mrs Zajickova since the incident, which happened in early September. It paid for a hire car for seven days so Mrs Zajickova could get home from Bristol Airport.

The car his firm offered her following the accident was a 2004 Audi A3, with 12 months MOT and fewer miles on the clock than the original vehicle.

Mr Wedlake said: “I told her to get her insurance company to call me and I gave them my insurance details.

“Her insurance company has now come and picked the damaged car up and are dealing with the issue.

“I have spoken to her insurance company and offered to pay the full valuation of Mrs Zajickova’s vehicle. I can’t do any more and I have tried to help her as much as I can.

“The car I bought her is still here ready for her to drive away if she wanted to.

“Unfortunately accidents do happen and we cannot reverse time.”

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