The Audi Q3 is set to be released early next year. It will add to the 4×4 “Q” models already released by Audi which include the Q5 and Q7.

It is intended to be a direct rival to the Land Rover Evoque and the BMW X1. The new Audi will certainly have a lot to live up to if it is going to stands a chance of swaying customers to ignore the competition and opt for the Q3. We believe it can. We’ll discuss the features that will make it one the best cars in its class.

Great efficiency

Impressive figures of 54.3mpg with emissions of just 138g/km have been quoted with the low end diesel version. The S tronic transmission works to the driver’s advantage by disconnecting the engine from gearbox when the car is cruising at a consistent speed.

Fuel efficiency is also improved with the materials that are used to build the car. This includes a boot lid and bonnet which are both made of aluminium which are said to be 50% lighter than the conventional materials that are usually installed on cars. Less weight will mean less drag which then equates to lower fuel bills. It’s a cleverly designed car with efficiency in mind.


The usual choice of trims comes with the Audi Q3. You’ll get an aluminium roof rails, dual-zone climate control and Bluetooth connectivity ability for your phone plus more with the S type. There is also 3D satellite navigation with Google Earth technology built in.


It isn’t your typical 4×4, it’s one that offers something different in terms of its design. The Audi Q3 looks great even with the standard 17inch wheels with the overall shape making it very sporty and attractive. The roofline seems to resemble a coupe type of car rather than a bulging 4×4. The LED lights are particularly outstanding and will catch people’s attention. Motorists who purchase this vehicle will send a message that they want a car with style amongst other features.


There are many other brilliant features that are certainly worth mentioning about the car. This includes the immense practicality and reliability that it offers. The Audi Q3 is sure to be a hit, being an Audi, how can it not be?


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