The new re-engineered Audi R8 will receive a dual clutch, enhancing it’s performance and overall drive. The car was spotted earlier this month, driving the automotive press crazy.

The car has been upgraded on it’s mechanical engineering, with slight changes upon the exterior too.

An amazing new optional upgrade

The new dual clutch is the most significant upgrade upon the vehicle.  It will offered as an optional extra. For owners who require that extra bit of excitement and fun on the road, the dual clutch will be a must have addition. Many expected the Audi R8 to originally contain a six speed gearbox with a standard clutch with shift mechanism. Other sources claimed that the car could contain an R-tronic system without a clutch system.

Self shifting gearbox

A self shifting gearbox would have significantly increased sales it is believed. Audi did not realise the overall potential of how profitable it would have been. This may appear on the new generation Audi R8 which may go on sale in the next two years.

V8 or V10?

The news is at it’s very earliest stages. At the moment, it is unclear as to whether the S-tronic dual clutch gearbox is to be offered upon the V8 and V10 model.


The brand new V10 model will see an increase of 15 BHP, from 525 BHP to 540 BHP. The V8 4.2 litre is expected to remain with 424 BHP.

New mechanical architecture

Re-engineering the current Audi R8 will come as a huge expense to the company. Many believe that although revenue will be down due that the high expenses, these will be recouped when the new generation Audi R8 goes on sale. The new re-engineered Audi R8 in question will contain the new mechanical architecture in which will be installed in the next generation.

Changes to the exterior

The exhaust appears to have a different shape from one of the few images shown. They are now in a circular type of shape rather than an oval one. The head and rear lights also appear to have a different type of shape.

It is sure to remain as one of the best selling and most desirable super cars throughout the world once yet again. Fans will get a first glimpse first hand at the Moscow motor show held later on this year in August.