Audi’s new Q7 model has spied by various automotive journalists across the world. The spy shots have developed a great amount of hype throughout the car industry. Many are eagerly anticipating the new generation of the Q7. The car is expected to go on sale at the start of 2014, so fans still have a lengthy wait.

The mechanical structure not given away

The car was spotted at Audi’s test facility in Nurburgring, Germany. What’s special about the new model is the highly improved mechanical engineering under the body work. None clues were given away regarding that particular area during Audi’s test run.

Will there be more room?

From what was shown at the test track the new Audi Q7 will have larger wheel arches. The sill of the car sits lower than the previous version. This means that there could be a greater amount of space within the cabin in terms of the headroom offered. Access to the third row seats will also be made a lot easier if there is more space within the car. The vehicle’s 7 seat plan will remain.

Sharing the PL71 platform

Being part of the Volkswagen Group, expect the new Audi Q7 to be part of major plans to generalise vehicle platforms. The Q7 is expected to receive the PL71 platform, with the original being installed within the Volkswagen Touareg and the Porsche Cayenne. This will not only help Audi to save costs but will also help the new model save weight and therefore be a lot more economical.

Engine sizes decreased

As part of Audi’s future plans, the engine sizes will be decreased. This is expected not to compromise the performance of the car. Rumours claim that the engines to be made available with the car include a V6 3.0 litre engine, a V6 3.0 litre turbo diesel engine and a V8 4.0 litre turbo charged engine. There is also set to be a new plug-in hybrid model offered.

Audi couldn’t get the new generation model finished quickly enough. Many of the Q7’s rivals are already upgraded an in the second generation. This will prove to be a major stumbling block in terms of competing.

At the Indian Auto Expo, there was a brand new Audi Q7 crossover introduced to the country which contained a V12 TDI diesel engine. The car is extremely powerful, able to hit 500 BHP.