The new UK version Audi RS5 prices have been revealed by the luxury manufacturers. It has a great number of updates and modifications making it a greatly improved vehicle. It is available for pre-order now with deliveries beginning from April.

New style

The Audi RS5 will be a more powerful and sportier alternative to the latest Audi A5 Coupe. The car will get the typical spectacular Audi LED daytime running headlights. It will also contain a newly styled front grille with modified front and back bumpers. There will also be new 19 inch alloys with the RS5 which will contain 10 spokes.

Great amount of equipment

There is a generous amount of equipment that comes with the car. This includes iPod connectivity ability, Bluetooth built within, a DVD satellite navigation system, cruise control and radar activated cruise control (which is a free upgrade option). The car’s steering wheel has been redesigned appearing to be flat bottomed. The switchgear upon the dashboard has seen improvements too.

The powerful engine included

The Audi RS5 contains pretty much same engine. The 4.2 litre V8 is able to produce an outstanding 450 BHP. It will be able to reach 0 – 62 MPH in only 4.5 seconds. Economy for the car is not bad either, reaching an average of 26.9 MPH with C02 emissions of 246g/km. Limited at 155 MPH, this is able to be removed meaning the car will reach a top speed of 174 MPH. Would anyone really need to go that fast however?

New technology of power steering

The power steering has been improved to contain electromechanical technology, ensuring that efficiency is improved. Remaining is the dual clutch seven speed transmissions which also come with steering wheel mounted paddles.

Dynamic Ride Control is now not a standard feature.  It will be available as a Sport package costing £2,250. The Sport package contains amazing 20 inch titanium alloy wheels, a sports exhaust and dynamic steering.

The car sounds like it will be a strong rival once again to the BMW M3. Costing more than the car once again this year, it is more powerful by 30 BHP. Is the price difference worth it?

By the sounds of it the car will be again a great addition to the UK automotive industry.

Once again the Audi RS5 will cost £58,725 meaning there is no change.