Reports from the United States have said that the Audi Q3 will contain PULSE GX50 Plastic Material from Styron.

Styron a long time trustworthy suppler

Styron have for a long time been a supplier to car manufacturers for innovative technologies and special materials. Audi are the latest company to take advantage of some the company’s special inventions. The development of Audi vehicles is to become a lot more cost effective.

What is the PULSE GX50?

The PULSE GX50 combines the materials of polycarbonate (also known as PC) and acrylonitrile butadiene styrene (ABS). This is a highly cost effective solution provides a great protection barrier from heat distortion and a strong impact at low temperatures. The material also has minimal carbon emission.

What the material is used for

The material is perfect to create interior car features such as glove compartments, centre consoles, instrument panels, vents, small storage components, side door storage compartments and more.

Perfect solution

With all car manufacturers always looking at ways of reducing costs of the production of vehicles, Styron’s technology looks to be a perfect solution.

The PULSE GX50 Project

The PULSE GX50 project was developed for Audi specifically with collaboration between the two about the German company’s requirements. The plastics used within the PULSE GX50 is 7 per cent cheaper and well as being 3 per cent lighter when comparing the PULSE A35-105 plastic parts. This will not only meet Audi’s requirements but also that of all other car manufacturers. The car industries are demanding materials that are lightweight, strong, contain high quality and offer a great performance. The colours of materials have also met Audi requests with help from the Styron Colour Group. The unique colours of soul and truffle beige have been highlighted by Audi.

Audi Q3 review

The Audi Q3 boasts figures of 54.3 MPG and carbon emissions of 138g/km. Those sorts of figures are usually unheard of when it comes to luxury SUV’s. The car is so intelligent that the engine disconnects from the gearbox when the car is cruising. The materials used for the car also help to keep the vehicle’s emissions as low as possible.

This vehicle in particular played a major role in the success of Audi across the world last year. Sales here in North America, China and the UK showed recorded great figures.