The Audi Q3 has achieved five stars at the Euro NCAP tests, the highest possible score. Worldwide these particular tests are recognised at the world’s best for judging the safety of a car in a real world environment.

Five stars all round

Some of the tests involved were the adult occupant protection test in both a frontal or side collision. This managed achieved maximum five stars along with child and pedestrian protection.

Seatbelt at the front and back

The seatbelt reminder for both front and rear passengers boded very well for the Euro NCAP judges. The Audi A3 contains these features as standard. The front of the car is designed in order to offer pedestrians more protection. This again put the Audi Q3 up in the consideration of the judges.

A long list of technological safety features

There is such a wide amount of safety features within the Audi Q3 that not even the strenuous tests of the Euro NCAP were able to asses them. These include the likes of the Audi Q3 assistance system which has been taken from Audi models at the higher end of the scale. This system proves to a great aid. Potential collisions are avoided, along with ensuring that the car can stay in lane, assistance with parking and the ability to read traffic signs for the driver.

Audi side assist system

Audi’s side assist system aids drivers in changing lanes when driving on motorways and dual carriage ways. It is only activated when the Audi Q3 reaches speeds of 19 MPH. This particular system adopts radar sensors at the back of the car so that the vehicle knows exactly what is occurring for a distance of up to 70 metres.

Active lane assist

The active lane assist system is operational at speeds of 40 MPH plus. A camera is used and is neatly placed at the bottom of the rear view mirror. Lane markings are detected easily through the camera. The road is monitored for a distance of 50 meters.

With specialised software detecting lane markings, the car will be steered back into lane if the vehicle approaches another lane without indicating first. It does this in a gentle and subtle manner so that the drive of the vehicle is not interfered with.

Overall, the Audi Q3 was voted the best in the Small Off-Road 4×4 category by finishing with the highest possible points. The latest version is sure to be hit here in the UK.