You may be sick of hearing about the Audi A6 by now, but they have yet again achieved something great.

Last week it was reported that the car got a 5 star rating with the EURO NCAP safety ratings, which is the maximum score it was able to attain. The car was noted for being very safe by us and has been by many other expert automotive sources, so it really comes as no surprise.

How is the EURO NCAP tested?

It is an association who judge various crash tests. The grouping of judges consists of members from respected automobile associations, European Transport Ministers plus many more.

Michiel van Ratigen, a secretary for the organisation said that the tests are very stringent for both child and adult safety. He mentioned that the element of child safety is perhaps that bit more important, with it being a huge factor of influence within these types of tests in the future. This will bode well for the Audi A6, as it boasts one of the safest ratings for child safety as well as adult occupant protection in a frontal, rear or side collision.

Will it do as well next year?

Although the car performed extremely well in the ratings, it only managed to meet the minimum score requirement for pedestrian protection for this year’s set benchmark. It has been said that next year, the car would not exceed a 60% score which will be the minimum requirement.

A very safe car to drive

However that shouldn’t take away anything from how much the car has actually achieved. It managed to gain 5 stars for the passive crash safety test. Nevertheless its rating for pedestrian safety did achieve the maximum number of stars and has some great technology within the car which helps it reached those types of standards. This includes pedestrian protection system, which gives the car daytime running LED lights along with an optional nightvision assistant, that detects pedestrians if they are in the way of the vehicle.  There is also a lane assist technology with special types of headlights that adapt to different types of weather and conditions.

Safety is just one aspect that can be looked into to really discover how great the Audi A6 is. Check out our previous articles on the car.