Audi have just released a statement stating that the much expected A5 will be unveiled to the general public at their headquarters early this summer.

The current A5 is now nearly nine years old and although it is a beautiful car, it is starting to age quite rapidly. Therefore, the German manufacturer has produced the next generation of the specific vehicle and we expect it to be very impressive.

Well, it is Audi so of course it will be impressive but, it is the way in which the company are planning to reveal the car which has got the motoring world extremely excited. Starting on May 25th, Audi will be hosting a six day long lights show at their headquarters in Ingolstadt, Germany. Named the ‘Audi Late Light Show’, the car will be shown off to the world at the end of the six day party. Audi must have developed an outstanding vehicle considering the huge show that will occur before the release. The German outfit have also hired Maxin10sity, a Hungarian artistic collective who specialise in light shows, to develop a 3D mapping show. The show will feature the use of 55 projectors in a rumoured 2,300 square-metre area.


So the show sounds amazing, but what about the car itself? Sadly, there has been no information released on the vehicle as information has been kept very tight to the chest. There have been pictures of the vehicle taken but, that is as far as any of the information goes. The motoring world understands that the new A5 will be wider than its predecessor whilst also taking some acute design features from the A4 model. We also expect the new A5 to be built on a MLB Evo platform which will allow for greater handling and, an expected weight loss of around 100kg. But sadly, that is everything anyone really knows.

The car will be become available to buy towards the end of the year as a coupe version. But, a convertible and sportback version will apparently soon follow.

We look forward to seeing the images from the light show and the specifics of the A5 during the big party. Oh, and it might be worth looking at some of Maxin10sity’s work, it is very very impressive. After you have, then you will really understand the lengths Audi are going to for this release…