Audi have kept their lead over Mercedes-Benz so far this year. Sales for Audi were recorded at 143,500 in March which is a 14.1 per cent increase when comparing the same month in 2011. The company have managed to achieve their best ever first quarter sales thanks to strong demand in China. Audi however are still behind BMW in terms of first quarter sales.

First Quarter

First quarter sales for 2012 result in a figure of 346,100 for Audi which is a rise of 10.8 per cent. Mercedes-Benz first quarter sales reached 341,000. BMW remain the world’s leaders selling 400,000 so far throughout the first quarter.

Strong demand in China

Audi maintained their number one status in China ahead of other luxury car makers. This was largely down to sales of the new generation Audi A4, Audi A6 and Audi Q5. Altogether sales shot up by 37 per cent in March in China, who have the world’s largest automotive market. In total 31,505 Audi cars were sold in the country. When taking the first three months of 2012 into account, sales increased by 40.5 per cent in total with figures hitting 90,063. Audi’s dominance in China is a major factor behind the company overtaking Mercedes-Benz to the number two slot. The Chinese market is now larger than the German market for Audi.

The United States

In the United States Audi’s sales rose a huge 18 per cent in March, showing their strong growth spurt has no signs of fading anytime soon. The battle in North America is predominately between BMW and Mercedes-Benz. However Audi are growing faster than bother of the German counterparts. Are Audi able to push for the top two spots in country anytime soon?

The surrounding regions

Audi are doing extremely well in the surrounding countries. Brazilian Audi sales increased by 37.3 per cent, Canadian Audi sales soared by 23.3 per cent and sales within Argentina improved by 49.3 per cent.

Better than Mercedes-Benz and BMW?

Peter Schwarzenbauer has released a statement claiming that company have had a great 2012 so far and more growth is expected to continue. Audi managed to snatch the number two spot away from Mercedes-Benz in 2011. They are still behind BMW in terms of sales but are ahead on profitability stakes. This is mainly due down to the company’s association with the Volkswagen Group.