The 2017 version of the Audi A4 is expected to be a big hit. Over the years, the car has defined itself as a leading sedan and regularly competes with the likes of BMW’s 3 Series and the recedes C-Class. So, the A4 therefore needs no introduction, but how are Audi going to better their previous model and compete further?


Well, as Audi sales have increased over recent months, there has been plenty of effort put into the rejuvenation of the A4. Although the exterior hasn’t seen too big a change from the earlier version, it has managed to become a lot smarter and a hell of a lot quicker.

At this moment there will only be one engine option available. But, the turbocharged 2.0 litre four- cylinder engine manages to produce 252 bhp. So the car is powerful, there is no denying that. However, the car has lost a substantial amount of weight too (around 120 kg in fact) and therefore, it can reach 60mph in around 6 seconds whilst also reaching top speeds of about 155mph.

The exterior hasn’t seen too big a change either, there is a larger grille and with new headlights. Those who are not familiar with the A4 models may think that they are just driving in the older version of the car. We know already that the A4 performs much better than its predecessor, but what else separates the two? It would have to be the interior which is based upon the new Audi Virtual Cockpit. The display is slick, modern and easy to access. The technology included is the best Audi has to offer at this moment in time and, the car utilises space better than any other sedan on the market. It may sound as if we are underselling the new A4 but, this is the only information we have at this moment in time sadly.

Preview-of-the-2017-Audi-A4_2It has been rumoured that Audi will be releasing the sedan version of the vehicle first before the station wagon is released soon after. From the performance, to the interior and the new technology included, the Audi A4 is full of surprises. But, with prices rumoured to be starting around £27,000 the most surprising factor is it its price. There will be no other car on the market that will be able to compete with the A4 at that price tag.

We can’t wait until we know more about the vehicle. We also can’t wait to be able to drive this beautiful piece of automotive engineering either.