Each week seems to bring more and more reports concerning the Volkswagen emissions scandal and this week doesn’t seem to buck the trend. The new information concerning the scandal this time round concerns the German outfit Audi.

The German news outlet Handelsblatt, have reported that Audi were the company that created the emissions cheating software that has led to the huge scandal which has plagued the motoring industry since September 2015. The software, reportedly developed by Audi, gives the car capabilities to turn of certain engine functions. This allows the cars to produce low emissions whilst in it is being tested but then, when in the real world, higher emissions are produced. It has been stated that the emissions produced can be up to 40x higher than the original test results.


The emission’s cheating software was, according to the reports, developed by Audi in 1999 but wasn’t used by the company directly. It was only six years later, in 2005, that Volkswagen started to install the software into 11 million cars. The software was developed in order to combat the glooming EU emissions law which came into effect in 2001. Because Volkswagen is a parent company of multiple other car companies, the software was installed in Porsche’s, Skoda’s, Seat’s and you guessed it, Audi’s too.

Although VW and Audi have refused to comment on the recent report, there will be more news about the actual origins of the scandalous software released in the coming few weeks as the US investigation continues.

It is a massive shame for the motoring world as more and more companies are dragged through the emissions scandal, let’s just hope that there are no more companies tarnished and the whole saga can be over with as soon as possible.