How-Will-Audi-Be-Taking-on-the-World-of-the-Electric-CarThe popularity of the electric car is on the increase, there is no doubt about that. In the most recent Driver Power survey, electric cars took the top two spots, so there is most certainly a market open to the big car manufacturers to advance in this direction. So, how do Audi, the mid-range luxury German car company plan to tackle this ever increasingly popular market?


Audi have attempted to break into the plug-in hybrid market by introducing the e-tron range back in 2014. But, in comparison to their rivals, Audi haven’t hit the heights that they most certainly wish they did and actually could. Although the 2014 e-tron model was a very good all rounder car, winning the which? car’s award for best electric car in 2015, it’s global sales were extremely poor. So, Audi have been trying to compete on the big stage, but in comparison to the likes of Tesla, it isn’t making too much noise.


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Two years later however, Audi may have just cracked the electric car market. They have done this by launching the second generation of the A3 e-tron. This update has a much higher range than its predecessor but, it does struggle when compared to the cars of other companies. It has a 1.4 litre turbo four cylinder and electric engine which produces 204 hp. According to Audi, the car can cover 50km at 80mph on just electric mode, which is an extremely impressive statistic. But, will it actually accomplish this in the real world?

There are three ways to charge the vehicle too. Owners can choose from a 3-phase socket, the street charge systems or a domestic socket too. All of these will offer different charge times, but it is clear that Audi have taken their new model of the electric car seriously, especially with the whereabouts of the charge point.

The cabin of course will follow in the same suit as all other Audi vehicles; it is efficient, neat and luxurious. The new Audi A3 e-tron is exactly the same as the normal A3 but also includes all the newest technology too. But, other than that, the car is very ‘middle of the road’, and will struggle against the new Tesla Model S and the added capabilities it has.

The 2016 Audi A3 e-tron is, as aforementioned, is a good car. But, it will not be able to compete with the likes of Tesla just yet. The car is however the perfect option to fill the price gap left under the expensive Tesla models. We are therefore sure that the A3 e-tron will make a huge impact in the electric car market because of its perfect style, performance and pricing.