Today we report on very interesting peace news from Australia. On February the 16th, an Audi A8 managed to cause major traffic jams for 15 km throughout various different towns in Australia. The extent of the traffic was so bad that millions of Australian dollars were lost as certain parts of the economy had naturally stalled.

The Audi A8 in question is worth more than $200,000 and is a stunning luxurious vehicle. It was being used as a chauffeur vehicle at the time when it came to a sudden stop.

Two hours to recover

It took two hours to recover the vehicle. Two tow trucks were needed to carry the vehicle away.

Congestion costing the economy money

Congestion costs Australia not millions but billions of dollars in lost revenue each year according to experts.

The Executive Director of Sydney Business Chamber Patricia Forsythe commented on the chaos saying it’s important for the economy to get people moving. She said “An important element of productivity is being able to move people and freight around a city as efficiently and cost-effectively as possible an efficient and responsive transport network is critical to a productive and successful city. Traffic disruptions have a cost on business. Congestion costs on Sydney have been estimated to be several billion dollars every year and that figure is rising.”


The chauffer’s boss has since released an apology. However he was surprised at how long it took for the Audi A8 to be recovered. He said “Any incident on a road that creates problems for the travelling public is an issue, but that is something we didn’t have any control over. We had a mechanical breakdown in the vehicle. We don’t like it any more than you do. I was caught in the traffic too, just like everyone else.”

The problem with the Audi A8

The actual problem was the key was stuck within the ignition and the handbrake on the car was stuck.

Problems collecting the car

Audi roadside assistance was not available to help as the car had run out of warranty. The NRMA also couldn’t help as they did not have access to the tunnel.

The traffic jam extended from Epping Road, North Ryde to the Pacific Highway, Killara. Let’s hope that chaos like this does not happen in the UK.