Grandfather-drives-Audi-into-12-000-litres-of-CokeOkay, this is a strange one. There’s no way to explain it, so we’ll just say it: In weirder news this week, a 73 year old Grandpa achieved one of his life’s ambitions by driving an Audi at speed into a large hole he dug and then filled with 12,000 litres of cola.

The car in question, a Quattro, was completely destroyed in the stunt – which is to be expected, cola is sticky stuff.

In a clip that’s buzzing around the social media channels, we see the pensioner carefully digging the hole, and then painstakingly filling it with the contents of several hundred bottles of cola. He dons a crash helmet and reverses the Audi to give himself a decent run up. What happens next proves oddly satisfying as he gets up speed and plunges headfirst into the coke filled crater.

No explanation is given, but he looks so happy, he doesn’t really need one. Watch him cross one off the bucket list in the clip below.

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