30 years after he sold it – because he couldn’t afford the insurance – a car enthusiast has bought his beloved Audi back again, after he found it being advertised on Ebay.

Recognising a tell-tale dent in the bonnet, Keith Harris spotted the 1983 Audi GT Coupe Fuel Injection that he parted with in the summer of 1987, whilst he was trawling the web for classic cars.

Back then, Keith had seen his insurance premium rocket, after he accidently shunted the Coupe with another vehicle. After having it repaired, he sold the vehicle for a modest £4,900 due to the no longer affordable insurance costs.

Whilst browsing on the online auction site, Keith amazingly came across his old motor, now a wreck, after recognising the 12inch-long dent still visible in the bodywork.

After contacting the seller, based in Dunfermline, Keith was able to be reunited with his old car after he bought it back for £1,100.

After transporting the Audi back to his home in Worcestershire, he found the engine still serviceable, and the original features, such as seat cover and lights, still in place.

Since re-acquiring the Audi, Keith has totally stripped it down and is readying the car for a thorough re-spray.

Once the repairs are complete, Keith intends to drive his daughter Heidi, to her wedding in the classic car.

Of the Audi, Keith said: “When I sold it I was heartbroken. I had a bump and the damage repaired but the insurance went up and I couldn’t afford it.

“I’m absolutely chuffed to have my pride and joy back

“I sold it for £4,200 with 63,000 miles on the clock

“The night I saw it on my Ebay my wife was out of the house. I saw a red Audi GT Coupe and I thought ‘that looks like my old car.’

“They normally blank out the car registration plates but I zoomed and there it was – A100 GRW – the car of my dreams.

“I rang the seller and said ‘I’ll pay whatever you want’ but fortunately the guy let me have it for £1,100, which was only a little more than the starting price.

Daughter Heidi will marry Alex on October 8th, a date no doubt Keith will have firmly in his head, whilst he’s carrying out the repairs!

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