Special edition Audi sports cars are destined for release in Australia. There was a preview about the cars at the Australian International Motor Show in Melbourne earlier this year.

What are Audi special editions in question? The Audi TT RS S tronic, the Audi RS 5 Coupe Limited Edition and the spectacular Audi R8 Carbon Edition.

The Audi TT RS S will have 19 inch alloy wheels to give the car a more aggressive type of look. Other colours available include Suzuka Grey and Ibis White. There will be a sportier exhaust system, giving more power and an aggressive rumble. The interior of the car will also get a revamp. The seats will be leather with LED lighting within the cabin. The Bose sound system further enhances this particular Special Edition Audi.  There will only be 45 of these produced in the country.

The Audi RS 5 Coupe limited edition is set to have just 25 vehicles produced. The car will come with 20 inch wheels with a sports exhaust system, adding extra performance and power. The sunroof will be made of panoramic glass. The driver’s seat will adjust to the driver by saving the seats position. The enhanced sound system within this car will be developed from the reputable brand Bang & Olufsen.

The glamorous Audi R8 Carbon will be available in the same colours mentioned earlier plus the extra option of Daytona Grey, with just 10 of them made in Australia. The car will be developed with either a V8 engine or a V10, depending on the drivers requirements. There will be 19 inch alloys on the car along with a uniquely styled rear diffuser, mirror housings and front spoiler.

All cars will come with black exterior styling with all alloys wheels coming with a titanium finish.

Would we like to see these spectacular cars in the UK?

From our point of view, the straight answer would be yes. What Audi or car fan in general wouldn’t like these Audi special editions on our road? Each car is already magnificent, in its own right, imagine the extra modifications on top of that. These rare Audi modifications are certainly something for Audi fans to be excited about.