Audi’s RS models are simply breath-taking. Unfortunately it has been confirmed that no Q model will receive the RS badge.

Martin Sander, Audi’s UK director has said that the development of the RS brand for Q models will go against the principles of RS. That opinion may seem strange to some. There is no doubt that performance enhanced Q3’s, Q5’s and Q7’s will sell extremely well in markets such as the UK, North America and China. BMW are having a go.

BMW SUV’s with the M badge

The BMW X6M and the BMW X5M could do with some competition after receiving the prestigious M badge.

Race track cars only

Mr Sander explained why the RS just not suit the Q range. “For me, RS stands for the most extreme models for the race track. An SUV has a high centre of gravity and that does not provide the same driving dynamics that our RS models usually have. This is a challenge for the RS philosophy.”

Would not make sense in terms of business

As part of his role, it is up to Mr Sander to make decisions of this type. He continued to say how the move would not make good business sense. “This is an interesting balancing act that we have to manage as a premium brand. They would sell I’m sure. But then we could also easily sell 50,000 more cars a year simply by bringing the price down, but that is not a good business case. It is tempting to combine RS and Q, but we have to ask, is it right? These cars need to be emotional and aspirational and have racing performance.”

Strength to strength

Mr Sander explained how he is settling well into his new role. He also talked about how the company are currently growing from strength to strength with a lot more to come in the future.

Demand is high in many important and emerging car markets for luxury cars. Audi sales are showing the largest growth statistics compared to rival luxury car brands. With the world’s economy looking like it may shrink, Audi believe that their car sales will continue to grow. Despite finishing behind BMW last year in the sales charts Audi made more profit, which is quite a staggering achievement.