The summer may not be over just yet, but Audi are preparing for the colder weather in weeks to come.

They are set to offer a winter tyres package as part of their car deals. The packages will be included throughout their range of cars.

There won’t be a need for new wheels to be fitted. The winter tyres can be swopped for the current tyres that surround the wheels which will cost £550, Audi have confirmed. Customers will however get a choice of purchasing a wheel and tyre set too with them being fitted as part of the package. Prices for that will start from £792.

What are the main benefits? Is this a good idea?

Considering the awful winter we appeared to have last year, many would agree that the winter tyres may substantially help prevent accidents.

Car’s automatic breaking systems alone are not enough to significantly prevent accidents. In fact it doesn’t stop your car any quicker. ABS retains the driver’s control of the steering during critical situations but doesn’t slow the car down the same way winter tyres would. The grip on the road that winter tyres provides helps cars slow down quicker than normal tyres will do.

Winter tyres are different compared to normal tyres in the way it looks, but differ in the way they perform. Intended to cope with snow, ice and rain, the tyres can last for around 3 or 4 winter periods depending on the usage. How much difference would winter tyres make compared to normal tyres during icy conditions? This has in fact been tested (by Tirerack) and they have shown that there is a huge difference. It took 6.4 metres to stop when using these type of tyres but the normal tyres needed 14 meters. The result of the test indicates that winters can actually make a difference in preventing accidents.

Audi’s new winter suited tyre scheme may even help to reduce insurance premiums, which have soared after the two previous winters.


Insurance companies and drivers alike are bracing themselves for the upcoming winter. After the horrendous conditions of the most recent winters, it would seem that many may be tempted to snap up some Audi winter tyres along with their luxury vehicles.

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