Audi has announced this week that they will develop a new battery powered Audi A3 e-tron. The announcement was made in Long Beach California.

Audi’s e-tron test plans

The pilot program is set to take place in the locations of San Francisco, Washington D.C, Los Angles and Denver. Audi engineers will explore exactly how electric vehicles are tested in the real world and compare this to how the Audi A3 e-tron copes in terms of everyday usage. Statistics and measurements that will be followed and investigated include that of driving patterns, energy used, car performance through different climates. The Audi A3 may not be the electric vehicle that Audi are to release in the future but these tests will help the company conclude exactly what is needed to develop a successful electric vehicle.

Audi’s entry shows that the electric vehicle market has plenty to offer

This is Audi’s first attempt at the electric vehicle market. This in itself shows the promise of the electric vehicle industry.

Johan de Nysschen, the President of Audi of America has said that how committed to Audi e-tron technology the company are. His exact words were “As part of the long-range Audi corporate goal of moving toward CO2-neutral mobility, there will be e-tron plug-in vehicle products exhibiting all of the performance and design attributes Audi drivers have come to expect. Audi is committed to refining Audi e-tron technology and we expect our plug-in vehicles to become a significant choice for our buyers within a growing line of advanced, efficient Audi powertrains over the coming years.”

The current problem with electric vehicles

Electric vehicles have not taken off as originally expected. They were anticipated to make a great impact following the rise of fuel prices and the concern regarding carbon emissions. However the main problem with electric vehicles is the expensive price tag which they all start off with. Many have not been convinced that electric cars are for them at present.

With all the billions of pounds being pumped into the research and development of electric cars, which are extremely complex vehicles, prices for them initially had to be sky high. However as time progresses, the cost of the technology will decrease.

Slowly there are buyers of electric vehicles, as the Chevrolet Volt and the Nissan Leaf are able to account for.

We believe when the time is right Audi will release a spectacular electric vehicle.