Audi are currently in the process of building the world’s largest showroom in Dubai. Currently under construction, Audi have imposed a number of green features within to be as economical as possible.

Green facilities

The factory will have many economical targets to achieve. This will mean that they will carry out such processes as re-using wastage water and using specific type of high grade materials.

Thomas Faerber is the General Manager for Al Nabooda Automobiles explained exactly how the new development would be extremely energy efficient and economical.  “First of all, for the block wall, we’re using material that is not the normal block brick; it is an insulated block to keep the heat outside and the cold inside. It costs approximately three times more than a normal block would. We have special insulated windows for the whole glass façade to do the same – keeping the cold inside and the heat out.”

Cleverly water will be retained from the air conditioning system and then used upon the plants among the scenery. Water from rain will be used within the building’s toilets, if Audi eventually get permission from the authorities. Mr Faerber also confirmed that there will be no air conditioning system in the basement car parks as there is clearly no need. Mr Faerber confirmed that it would be a waste of energy and money.

Mr Faerber explained why there should not be a problem. He said “I can understand the reason due to the sand and dust. The first rain will wash it away and put it in the tanks so you might face a problem with the toilet system etc. However, we have filters which we could use. At the moment we are not allowed but we’re coming to the point where, if it is allowed, we have it already there,”

Airport terminal

Uniquely the building will be built with the inspiration from an airport terminal. There will be an underground car park which will consist of two floors. The building will also consist of three floor levels, meaning there is plenty of space.

However it is not all plain sailing at the moment. There are plenty of problems at preventing which are proving to be a stumbling block. When finally completed, there will be room for up to 57 cars it is expected with the site covering a total of 94,000 square feet.