GIF’s for a long time now have been equated with comedy, especially in many internet forums. For those who haven’t seen them before, or have never heard of them, a GIF stands for Graphics Interchangeable Format. Basically put, a GIF is a simple animation. So what has Audi got to do with GIF’s?

That question can be answered very easily. Audi have released multiple GIF’s as part of a new advertising campaign for the up and coming release of their Audi A5 and S5. The next generation of the 5 line is set for release on the second of June.

The GIF’s do not give anything away about the car of which the motoring world doesn’t already know of. Although, there are a few details of the A5 and the S5 which have become more clear. The GIF’s demonstrate a different shape to the new generation. We can see that the vehicles have become thinner and sport much sharper lines in its design. There is also a huge interior give away. One GIF clearly shows Audi’s virtual cockpit with its 12.3 inch digital screen taking centre stage. The cockpit will certainly be one of the biggest attractions in the luxury vehicle.

Other than that, it is understood that the next generation of the A5 and the S5 will be based on Audi’s B9 components which can be found in the A4. As all new Audi’s, the vehicle will also sit on Volkswagens new MLB platform. The date for release is 2nd June and we will see the coupe version released first, this will then be followed by the convertible and five door sportback soon after.

This is a very clever advertising scheme deployed by Audi. Because of it, there is now a lot of talk of the new vehicles arrival. The 80s themed GIF’s with the SoGeht hashtag, have worked brilliantly. Someone in Audi’s advertising department should surely deserve a raise sometime soon…