Audi are now the world’s number two luxury car manufacturer, overtaking Mercedes-Benz in the process. BMW remain at number at one, according to reports in the automotive industry.

Audi sales are on the up throughout the world in some of the world’s most difficult car markets.


Peter Schwarzenbauer, the Sales Chief for Audi, highlighted the specific beneficial regions throughout the world which have helped the company reach this position. He said “Sales in the United States have developed very positively across the entire model range. In Western Europe our new models are accelerating growth: there are good prospects for Audi in the coming months in the region, helped for example by the high order intake for the new Audi Q3.”

Audi have partly pinned their hopes on the upcoming Audi Q3 in helping them gain further profits. So far the order figures have been very high and it looks like being one the company’s best performing vehicles in terms of sales next year.


Mercedes-Benz has hit back following the news saying that they expect next year to be one of their best years ever. The head of Mercedes-Benz sales Joachim Schmidt has said “We are still on track to sell more vehicles in the full year than ever before.”


BMW have also released a statement claiming that they expect grow throughout next year. Ian Robertson, Member of the BMW Board said “Our new models, like the BMW X1, the BMW 5 Series Sedan, the BMW 5 Series Touring and the MINI Countryman, continued to report strong gains in October and made a positive contribution to our sales performance. New orders have been strong for all of these models, and based on the steady recovery of many markets, we continue to expect double-digit sales growth through the end of the year.”


Sales figures

October 2011

  • BMW – 107,789 cars (Growth of 12.4% from 2010)
  • Mercedes-Benz – 103,378 (Growth of 2.9% from 2010)
  • Audi – 108,500 (Growth of 24% from 2010)

Year to date

  • BMW – 1.19 million  (Growth of 12.9% from 2010
  • Mercedes-Benz – 1.02 million (Growth of 7.1% from 2010)
  • Audi – 1.08 million (Growth of 18% from 2010)

Audi sales are showing the best growth rates compared to their German counterparts. Next year will an interesting battle to see whether Audi can indeed keep up their tremendous progress.