Audi sales have jumped according to official statistics.

Year on year in October, sales worldwide were said to have increased by 24% which meant 108,500 cars were sold. From January to September, the company has sold 1.08 million cars which represent an 18% increase.

Demand in China, America as well here in the U.K has seen a significant increase in demand. The company’s strategy to compete in such tough auto markets has clearly paid dividends.

Peter Schwarzenbauer, the Head of Audi Sales stated how well the company is performing across the world.

He said “Sales in the United States have developed very positively across the entire model range,”

“In Western Europe our new models are accelerating growth: there are good prospects for Audi in the coming months in the region, helped for example by the high order intake for the new Audi Q3,”


Firstly, in the UK, Audi’s sales figures were very impressive. They sold 7,601 cars in October which represented a 31% increase.


Audi sold 27,729 cars in China representing a 62% increase from last year.  From January to October of this year, overall sales were heavily increased to 253,739 vehicles sold which represents a 32% increase.

Those are fabulous statistics for the company as they are clearly prospering in the world’s largest automotive market. This news comes despite reports that BMW and Mercedes-Benz are closing in on the gap, with Audi dominating the luxury car market in China.

Audi haven’t improved as well in their home country as they have in others but still showed encouraging signs. They raised their game by 0.5% with sales increasing by 22,308 in October. From January to October, Audi have sold 207,330 in Germany which represents a 13% increase.


In the U.S.A, the world’s second largest car market, sales increased by 26%, which meant 10,225 cars, were sold in October alone.

Every time we report on Audi’s sales figures and performance statistics, it’s always very positive.

We are not surprised with the company aiming high and releasing superb models that offer more efficiency and quality every time.

Will Audi sales reaching record levels, we believe the company will maintain their success in China as well as other countries.