We took a look at the amazing Audi RS6 a few days ago, now we take a look at the Audi RS5. When looking at the car’s statistics on paper, many would expect the car to be exceptional. We take a look as to why we believe the car delivers on all fronts.

Performance and handling

As with the Audi RS6, we start this article discussing the performance as it is one the car’s strongest assets. It can reach 0-62mph in just 4.6 seconds, with a 4.2 Litre V8 engine capable of producing 444BHP and 317lb ft of torque.  It will able to reach 0-100mph in 10.7 seconds.

The four wheel drive feature allows the drivers to fully control the vehicle, as does the brilliant grip that the tyres have to the road. The adaptive suspension will allow the driver to get the most of the car in various situations on the road.

Different types of drivers will see their tastes catered for when driving the car. The steering and engine responsive can change with a choice of 3 modes available to driver. They’ll get to choose from Comfort, Auto or Dynamic modes.

You’ll get plenty of fun out of the car, with the maximum revs achieving 8,250rpm, giving out an amazing engine sound.

Wonderful interior and plenty of practicality

Within the car you’ll certainly get the impression that the car is expensive. The quality and design is outstanding, with a lot of attention to details throughout.

The seats are comfortable both in the front and back, making it a great 4 seater coupe. There is a lot storage space within the boot, making it a practical family car too.


The 19inch alloys give the car a more intimidating look, but gives the Audi RS5 plenty of style too. Unlike the Audi RS6, the car’s design makes it look like a powerful car. It does however strike an excellent balance between looking elegant yet sporty.

The rear double exhaust system on either side along with the subtle yet stylish spoiler gives it a striking and attractive look.


It’s at the very top end in the Audi A5 selection, so many would expect it to be absolutely flawless. Plenty of Audi fans have been waiting for a successor to the brilliant Audi Quattro. Although the Audi RS5 hasn’t been officially billed as the successor, it would appear that some may consider it as its spiritual replacement.