The Audi Q3 has proved its immense safety credentials by scoring 5 out of 5 in the EURO NCAP test results.

Not the first time

This isn’t the first time we have reported an Audi model to receive the maximum safety rating from the strenuous EURO NCAP tests. The Audi A6 also received five out of five stars for its immense amount of safety kit.

Maximum performance in the EURO NCAP tests

Euro NCAP are the European car safety board whose ratings are expert guidelines to judge exactly how safe a car is. Adult protection, child protection, child safety as well as pedestrian safety performed very well in the crash tests. All of these factors make the Audi Q3 one of the safest cars within its category.

Specific test performance

In what is called the side barrier test, the car was able to have its whole body well protected and score maximum points. The side pole test proved to be slightly more severe to the car but the overall bodywork managed to stay in good condition.

The car’s reputation is so big that it has even been mentioned for release in America, as mentioned in one of our previous blogs. Despite the size of the car, many experts predict that the car could compete with other SUV’s in the country and offer a suitable alternative to what is currently on the American market. Being the smallest member of the Q family, it is currently grabbing the most headlines at present.

Statement from EURO NCAP

A statement from EURO NCAP mentioned an optional switch for preventing the use of an airbag for a rearward facing child restraint to be used appropriately did not qualify for a test by the organisation.

A company statement read “The dangers of using a rearward facing restraint without disabling the passenger airbag in that position are clearly explained in a permanently attached label. A switch is available as an option, and can be retro-fitted by an Audi dealer, which allows the passenger airbag to be disabled so that a rearward-facing child restraint can be used in that seating position. However, as the switch is not standard equipment on any model, it did not qualify for assessment by Euro NCAP,”

A perfect family car?

The Audi Q3 doesn’t come cheap however. It is one of the premium cars within its class, offering a tremendous amount of wonderful and attractive features, apart from the brilliant safety aspect.

The criteria set for the car’s stability control was easily met by EURO NCAP’s requirements. It’s a very sophisticated piece of equipment that comes as standard within the car. The car’s tremendous safety kit also boasts a seat belt reminder as standard.

It’s a perfect family car is which performs brilliantly on the road as well as off it. The Audi Q3 is certainly worth a look if your budget can afford it.